Yin = Home

With very few postures, long hold times, and little movement, it may appear like yin yoga is a practice for human sloths, but yin offers something that we all need: Stillness.  When we are still we can touch on that quiet space within. There’s a sweetness to finding that space. I like to think of it like going home. The brain craves distraction and with our cell phones and easy access to information it’s easy to behave like a moth to a flame. Furthermore, our judgments, thoughts, memories, emotions, and the identities we cling to can cloud who we truly are. All of these distractions can knock us off course and make the path home a treacherous one. What I find most comforting is knowing that no matter how loud the mind chatter, how thick the emotions, and how many layers I have to peel away, that inner space is always there patiently awaiting my arrival. The yin practice allows us to become our own mothers and fathers; to practice self-compassion and loving kindness. This act of mothering or fathering ourselves is essential to our wellness. Mind chatter, heartache, and self-judgements go unseen, but their presence can be utterly destructive. Practices like yin teach us to tend to ourselves, to be more empathetic, and to love more fully. When we soften we become loving – more capable of giving and receiving.

Want to know more about the yin practice? If you’re in the OKC area catch me at Soul Yoga. Not local? I lead retreats! Plan your next trip with Routed Connection. Check us out and see where we’re headed!!

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