2017 offers a lineup of destinations near and far. Head to Routed Connection to learn more about upcoming retreats.


10 thoughts on “Retreats

  1. Hi Shannon,
    I miss you at Divine! I’m so happy that you’re still teaching and now you have this beautiful website. I want to come to your Broken Arrow retreat so keep me in the loop (maybe I can convince Bella to come too). I love yoga retreats, Jana and I will be co-teaching a yoga retreat at Feathered Pipe in Montana this September. We’re very excited, the combination of nature and yoga time is the best.

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    1. Hey Julie! I miss you guys so much.
      I agree. It’s hard not be inspired when you’re outdoors. Send me more info about the Montana retreat–I would love to join!! And I’ll keep you posted on Broken Bow. It’s beautiful there.


  2. Hi Shannon!
    The website is beautiful! Very cool that you are doing this.
    I’m in on an Oklahoma retreat. Will adding my email here keep me in the loop? Let me know. This very exciting. And I too, miss you!

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  3. Hi Shannon, This is Lisa keith & I’m interested in the retreat @blue doors in July. My daughter, mariah is also interested. Where do I go to register? Looking forward to the beauty that surrounds Blue doors.
    Blessings, Lisa Keith


  4. I have been to a couple of your classes at Soul, along with your meditation workshop and I just want to say I always enjoy your classes! You are always so helpful and encouraging. I just wanted to say thank you!

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